Jacob Epstein, “Majestas”, Llandraff Cathedral, Cardiff


We talk 
Of failed fatherhood
Authority abuse 
Indissociable for some
From the benevolent but stern
Michaelangelo grandpa
On the ceiling 
Of our minds
As we mutter
‘Our Father’

We don’t talk 
Of the 33 year old male 
Perched high 
On the confidence of youth 
Scanning the room
For how best to work it 
While dreaming of kingdoms
That overturn the system
By use of 3 chords 
And a pedal board
Seduction and charm

His eyes roam 
Past shades of grey 
That menopausal woman 
While dropping a smile
At her feet
She might, Heaven forbid
Pull on his sweatshirt  
And request something
Horribly awkward 
Or even just

And we sing, Lord, Lord

Forgive me
When I choose 
Father over Son
Snort at sentiment
Keep my distance

Until I wind up raging
In a quiet room
With the one who sees 
And who knows 
Not to come too close
But sits
Till I’m done and can
Open my eyes
And reach for the hem
Of the 33 year old
Ancient of Days

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