Made a home
In a handful of dust
Set in resistant ground
Would the dry land
Withhold consent 
A host rejecting
This foreign body?

The teenage fiancée
Between fear and trust 
Said, Let it be
Knowing parched roots
Were in need
Of the Life she would carry 
Beyond borders

So Life learned to walk 
In the valley 
New beginnings so often
Turn to old ends 
And received wisdom 
Gets it wrong, again

Amnesiac cycles
Reheat history 
In shiny new bowls 
And fresh taste 
So often dries stale 
On the tongue 

Life came to 
The crossroads where
Beauty and horror meet
Poured itself out
Disrupting hard soil 
with renewal
While the earth 
Quietly spun 

Life perseveres 
Calls as we pause
Between fear and trust
Exclusion and welcome
Commands our dry bones
To get up and walk
And carry the life
That enables green shoots
To invade concrete yards
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