Into the absence
Inert chaos of nil
A word falls
Fires the cosmos
With pure presence
Extracts from grey nonbeing
Energy of light
Divides it from the dark

Crystal shards
Suffuse the universe
In flowing colour
Reflect in liquid movement
Essence of life
Give shadow from the heat
Retire behind ebony
For the sleep of night

Fists reach and fight
To grasp the rays that seep
Between clenched fingers
And elude all violation
Greedy palms pose concrete tiers
Woven with lies up to the skies
Vain attempt to take light captive
In the prism of cheap desires

Oil-stained hands
Toughened by power
Through manhandling
Mark their spot
A million silhouettes
Deaden the light across the universe
Dealing out absence once again

A pinpoint pierces
The centuries
To the naked eye
Unwelcome presence
Insistent morning star
Invites to the risk
That hope demands

The light at the end
Of the tunnel of this year
Broadens if we dare to look
As it shines on the inertia
Of our own dark places
That have allowed this world.
Eternal constant
Unquenchable source

One day there will be
No sun nor moon
No standard lamp nor neon
No fireworks nor sparklers
No Christmas illuminations
The pinprick of light
Will banish the night
By total presence

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