Fairy tales
Predictable pleasing
Happy end delivered
Folded and pressed
To the good, never ugly
Vistas of rolled lawns
Patchwork fields
Forests grown on request
Ready-clipped to measured height
Protecting those who dwell
In the blessed land of 
Sunny Disposition
On which God beams
Cheshire cat-like
From a safe distance
In his azure sky

Meanwhile, elsewhere

The heart of the world is flawed
Its bedrock grinds and works
Against itself in rage
Earth hits sky
Sea bruises rock
Carves cliffs with sharp blades
Rain drives and pounds the shore
To grains of sand
The earth’s crust folds and buckles
In spikes and crags
That no-one can ride
Forged through the ages
In conflict and passion

These are the rocks
Which rob us of breath
Make us weep as they take us
Beyond ourselves
With their song of constant renewal

Here, God stands 
At the core of contradiction
Molten rock in bare hands
Holding the pain
Energy in chaos
Work without end 
Keeping void from matter 
Heaven alive
At the heart of the earth
Extracts from its depths
Forms of violent beauty
Monuments to exorbitant
Patience and grace

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